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BOOT CAMP*meaning harsh* English Conversation lessons.

You have finished your English Courses!!! Now what??? Forget all that you have learned? .....Noooo Way!!!  Don't remain with your head in grammar books ...its time to speak in public with confidence and improve by speaking. Your English learning experience should never stop because your course was completed and one should never let the English they learned go to waste. Boot camp lessons aim to effectively improve one's speaking, vocabulary & listening skills to enable one to feel more confident and be more successful at speaking English. 

We review; correct; demonstrate; improve; coach; converse; observe; chastise; and advise. Or goal is to help you not forget the language tha you hav e learned and to keep you speaking effectively an any situation that you may encounter within out feeling incompetant or nervous. 

 Boot Camp Tutor & Conversation lessons are for you if: 
 You prefer the non-traditional learning. <> You don't want to forget the English you've learned. <> You iimmediately need English for work reasons. <> You are in a chruch choir or sing in English and want to improve your pronuciation and vocabulary.<> You desperately need more idioms and proverbs.<> You want to speak now! Without spending so much time &money .<> You need to prepared for TEFL.<> You are a beginner and would like to learn English.<> GREAT FOR CHILDREN!!!!!

 Lesson activities include: listening techniques; Grammar repetition; intonation and gesture practices; Novel & storying telling practice; Debates; Buisness preparation; Rolepalys; work related activities; Movie scripts and plays performance and more...........

Training tag# English for Rel Estate investments# Regulatioin laws# International affairs & Politics#Public speaking#Presentations/Meetings & Conference calls#BankingMarketing & sellsExport/Import and more .....

Additional lessons include:

Calendar Repetition
Learn the language quickly and easy by frequent vocal repetition. For accent/pronunciation &memorization which will have you speaking your desired language even in your sleep.
Some of us don’t have time to be tied down with grammar but are in search of an easy way to learn a language without the difficulties. Most people are not able to commit to studies due to their busy work schedule and active family life. In Calendar repetition phrases are introduced and explained in intervals while old phrases are prompted at random. The random recall is designed to associate words with meanings. All lessons repeat themselves adding new material throughout the memory cycle allowing students/clients to recall a phrase quickly without thinking or looking at written material.
 Recommended for:
•Quick vacation learning  •Urgent work related matters •Zero time for studies

Debate Expressway
Prevent word blocking through arguments, debates and conflicts. If you are offended easily this is not the class for you for this class is design to provoke you, and most times aggravate you. The idea is to place you in real life event situations where you are force to express yourself and defend your cause, case, belief, political view, religion or yourself in a passionate non aggressive way. Not able to express what you want to say in a new language can become very frustrating.
"all real life issues are subjected for debates"
Great for: •UN workers •Lawyers * Politician •Political science majors •Journalists •Activists  •Relationships & family disputes

Movie/play scripts & dialogues
Students are given play scripts with character roles to perform.  this tecnique is a great way to remember your vocabulary and speak fluently, for no one ever forgets their childhood performance. Children 8 years of age are welcomed.

Material translation & ect.................

we understand that you know your grammar but can you SPEAK it?

If you want to learn more about BOOT CAMP and it is your first time please fill out the form below to meet with one of our staff mermbers for consulation and enrolment information.
 All registered attendees please continue to book your lessons by phone or at the office.


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