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Deruta is a hill town and comune in the Province of Perugia in the Umbria region of central Italy. Long known as a center of refined maiolica manufacture, Deruta remains known for its ceramics, which are exported worldwide.  Deruta in Umbria, Italy is one of the most famous centres for ceramics and chinaware production in Italy. Visitors to Deruta who are interested in hand-painted pottery and other ceramics won't be disappointed. Some of the best Italian majolica was produced between 1440 and 1540, the characteristic ceramic styles of Deruta, reached their highest levels of development in the early 16 C. These styles are now widely copied in other Italian ceramics centres but the best examples are still produced in Deruta and there are numerous shops offering a wide range of Derutaware at competitive prices. Much of the ceramics production is carried out as a cottage industry, with unbaked clay plates, bowls and other objects being brought in to the ovens to be baked and then taken away again to be hand-painted, before being brought back once more for glazing. This means that the artistic quality of the decoration varies and it is well worth  your while to visit.

Region Umbria
Province Perugia (PG)
Government  • Mayor Alvaro Verbena
Demonym Derutesi
Patron saint St. Catherine
Saint day November 25
From Perugia: 24 km
Surrounding towns: Bastia, Perugia, Bettona,Gubbio





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