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The Zagat# Perugia

Just alittle heads up message.
Where to eat good in Perugia? depends on travel smarts. Why do people always expect 
the best eating places to be within a tourist zone. this is so Commercialized
& overrated and most travellers know this ( however) if you are confined to 
the center of Perugia there are a few venues that I have added to the list that
may beare worth your time and money.


Tel: 075 5917035
Open hours: Mon to Sunday 12pm to 12am
Cuisine: Typical foods of Umbria
Decor Elegant & warm
Wine quality: exceptional
Price range: 25euros +
Music: Radio & live musica
crowd type: 95% Italians 5% foreigners
Age Level Adults/families &couples
Center: No

Strada Tiberina Nord,131 06134    Perugia Bosco

The great buffet which is considered the appetizer before your main course. Selections are: various hams, assorted salami and assorted cheeses, mozzarella di buffala , mozzarella, anchovies and more… great typical foods of Umbria. I am usually full before the main course. EXCELLENT for the best steaks, lamp and Assorted cheeses.
Hospitality:     Excellent
Luigi and his staff are very kind, warm & attentive to your needs and most of all well respected within the community.
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Tel: +39.075.800.06.51
Open hours: Mon thru Sat 12pm to 12am
Cusine: Typical foods of Umbria
Decor: Sophiscated & charming
Wine quality: Exceptional
Price range: standard
Music: Radio & Violin or harp
Crowd Type: 99% Italian 1% foreigners
Age level: Adults
Center: No

P.zza Cavour,17 Bastia Umbra


This small upscale charming private restaurant is excellent for a romantic cozy night out
with your love one. The Decor alone will make you feel special. Cuisine is exquisite and extraordinary every dish is mouthwatering to the taste.
Hospitality: Excellent (king and Queen Service given).
Sergio and Livio, these fellas are followed by the community everywhere they go and this has been proven more than once. These guys are too lively and creative not to be known by the Italian citizens of Perugia.
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