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Contracts in Italy
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There are several contracts available for employees in Italy. Check carefully which one your employer offers you:

  • Contratto a tempo indeterminato (permanent contract). These contracts are like gold. You are fully protected under Italian law.
  • Contratto a tempo determinato (fixed-term contract). The contract may not renewed, but you retain your benefits.
  • Contratto a progetto (working for a project). The contract can be renewed. Your employer is not entitled to provide sick, maternity, or holiday pay.
  • Job Sharing. Your contract is shared with another person. You have more flexibility.
  • Job on Call. You are paid a retainer fee during the period in which you don’t work. When you are called to work, you receive full wages.
  • Staff Leasing. Companies that do not need their staff at all times may hire them out to other companies. If this happens to you, you effectively become an employee in the new company.

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