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Transportation in Perugia

Major fact: enlightened
It is very difficult to get or stay lost in
such a small city as Perugia so dont wreck
yourself if don't find rooming in the center
of Perugia. Truth be told that it is more
costly in the center,and the apartments
are smaller. If you are 15-30mins away
out of the center It is no Big Deal.most of
us city dwellers travel cross town uptown,
downtown, Roundtown to get where
we have to go without a problem



Historic center

How: On foot   sad
Note:  All roads connect at one point
or Another so it is very difficult
to get Lost in this small historic center
To Consider: The bumpy stoned roads are
tuff on heels so you might want
to wear some type of comfortable
flat,but for the rest of you who are dedicated to your stilettos you will definitely bump into females like 
myself still working it out on the 
stony runway of Perugia.





Cost: 1.50euro (ticket good for 70mins)

Buy a ten trip pass for a lower
price monthly passes are also 

Where: Newstands(edicola),
APM (bus info booths)
Cigarette shops (tabaccaio)
Note: The time tables for the bus
changes continuously making all
the locals And Foreigners Crazy.
Main Stops: Connection point for buses are
Piazza Partigiani also for long distance points is Piazza Partigiani.
Pointers: Feriale/workdays Festivo/Sunday
Please see our Guide book for more info






Mini Metro (like a tram)

Cost: 1,50 Euro for a single ( Valid for 70mins from the first punch)
Savings: -10 multiple trips: Cost Euro 12.90
 Valid for: 70 minutes from the first validation
-10 multiple trips expires within one year from the first validation
- Tourist: cost 5.40 Euros
 Validity: 24 hours from the first validation
Where: Tickets can be purchased from ticket machines at all stations such as: Minimetrò, info-point at the station located at Pian di Massiano Pincetto and at authorized sales outlets (news stands and tobacconists).
Work days:

Monday - Saturday: 7.00am - 9.05pm
Sunday and holidays: 8.30am - 8.15pm
Any changes made to the service hours, will be published on the website:

Main Stop The Terminal Pian di Massiano ( has about 3,000 free parking space for passengers, and about 33 parking spaces for tour buses at a payment) - Cortonese - Madonna Alta - Fontivegge - Case Bruciate - Cupa - Terminal Pincetto.
For more info please Tel. 075 50 58 753




Before getting in any taxi make certain that it is a legitimate taxi (they should have a sign on
top, and a name and id number for Example: “Roma 31, and also a visible taximeter in the car. Taxis are easy to find and most of them are in Corso Vanucci, Via Fani or right across from the information center in Via Matteotti. Taxis are 24 hours and can be reached at <>





Major Fact: 
If you are flying into Rome(FCO) and you need to take a train or bus to arrive to Perugia please catch a flight that will have you to arrive to Rome before 5:30pm it will save you a lot hassle of wondering if you will catch the last train or bus in time to get to Perugia and more importantly FEMALES be ware. Rome station can be very dangerous Please have your flight arrive at an early hour for your safety.



Where: Piazza Italia/ Ponte San Giovanni
Transfers: Foligno and Terontola.
 Also english version.
Near Towns: FCU(the Umbria central line)
Pointers: White/arrivals, Yellow/departures               Green/Regional, Black/interregional
Blue/Fast direct, ES/Euro star, Binario/Track please remember to validate your ticket in the yellow ticket box before you broad the train.
Please see our Guide book for more info.








Rent or buy a Car

Average use car prices:  
Average car rental prices:  
Time durations:  
Driving Age limit:  
Qualifications for buying:  
Qualifications for renting:  
Open Hours:  
Location 1:  
Location 2:  
Qls Discount:    






Bike rentals 

Time durations:  
Open Hours:  
Location 1:  
Location 2:  
Qls Discount:    








Motor & Vespa Rentals 

Time durations:  
Drivng Age limits:  
Open Hours:  
Location 1:  
Location 2:  
Qls Discount:    






You are a foreigner which in many countries 
means that you don’t know very much about
how the system works. Here is some solid 
and helpful advice to you when in situations
where a payment must be made. Instead of 
asking,“Excuse me, what’s the price”?
Or “How much is this ?”
“Rephrase your question instead and ask

  “This should cost about € _____” “Am I correct”? Or “I was told the price is usually €_____.” “Is this correct”?
This will show that you have somewhat idea of the standard price norm within that country and will lower the risk of being scandal.
Now thats cool!yes






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