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Looking for work in Perugia is not easy and options are very small. Once in Perugia you may buy the Cerca e trova (newspaper) for available work. You can also check for work at Pubs or restaurants within the center.  You would probably have better luck searching outside of the center. There is also the passing out flyer job for 5euros an hour.   Teaching English is another option you can create flyers and offer private English lessons (good luck) or search for a position at a private or public school.  Work is not easy to find but remember everyone’s experience is different. Please check QLS for fun work in Perugia.

My Story..............

I came to Perugia in 2007 through the study abroad Italian language program with The John D. Calandra Italian American institute.  I studied at the University per stranieri for a year. During that time I felt a strong need to find work not only to pay for the roof that was over my head but to spend euros instead of dollars.  My scholar ship funds from The Benjamin A. Gilman international Program were finished and I was already below the price limit I had decide to spend while overseas in Perugia.  It was time to find a job by all means necessary; end of discussion, as I would put it.  Searching for work in Perugia was an adventure for me. I started out with little odd jobs like passing out flyers for 5euros an hour however they never let you work more than one hour so you made 5euros a day; you were lucky if you got two hours of work within a day passing out flyers and if you did It was because you were promoting more than one business or product. I work at a pub called Le chic owned by Patrick Lumumba at the time and I passed around flyers for him once a day working alongside Amanda Knox. I also planned events to bring more foreigners hoping to get a percentage. I did not see my career going anywhere passing out flyer, but also at the time I was not looking for a career in Perugia. I bought the Cerca Trova newspapers on Wednesdays looking for jobs. Once I found an ad for a wanted secretary and I called the number despite the fact that I spoke basic level Italian, but I said what the hell and called anyway and asked for the job. it was really funny because they could not understand what I was saying and I couldn’t fully understand them'; but what I did understand was that I wasn’t going to get the job.... at least that job.  Delivering papers to the door steps of home owners and working in the field of agriculture was my next thoughts (I know really desperate).  I decided to look for volunteer work with companies like The Red Cross or any type of available organization.  I thought it would be okay for me to find work in something that I liked so that it wouldn't be so bad working without pay hoping eventually I would most likely get hire permanently for my great committed work. Yes, I am very optimistic! …and you are not?   I thought this made far better sense to do than working in bars or delivering newspapers to the door steps of people houses. I would need a list of volunteer organization to start from so I went to the information point in the historic center to enquire. With a smile as always I explained to them exactly my situation and what I was looking for and instead of giving me the red cross number they gave me the number to their boss at the main office and the funny thing is I ended up working there with them at the information point  lol. ….I found out that there were multiple department levels with different work positions but you really needed to be fluent in the Italian language to apply for the positions of which I wasn’t. My Italian language was only basic survival level, but  it really did not matter to me I was very optimistic that my attitude and personality would land me a job, for who could resist a hard working pleasant respectable person.

I began work with a contract using my receipt of my permesso di soggiorno that I had applied for but had not arrive yet that process can take forever please read page 47 in my Guidebook for more info on permesso di soggiorno.I did very well at the information point despite the fact that I did not speak much Italian, however I never believed that not speaking Italian ever stood in my way. I believed that I would get where I needed to go regardless and learn Italian along the way. I guess it depends on how you think everyone’s experience is different.  At the information point I had become good friends with my colleagues learning more Italian through communication.  Eventually I got bored and wanted or needed to do something different. I set out again to look for more work and had decided one night to invite myself to a celebration held at a private school called Wall Street located 3mins away from the apartment I was renting at the time.  Once inside I was not afraid of being approached I thought that if anyone ask me I would say that I was invite by a friend of a friend. I began to converse with several of the Americans there.  Before the night was over I had managed to meet all of the teachers and staff working there plus I had a great conversation with the manager about living in Italy as an foreigner and of course the fact that I was looking for job popped up in between laughter’s and I was offered to come back with my Resume for an interview.   I would eventually two weeks later start training in Arezzo for the Job became a teacher working at the same location in Perugia. The Job at the time was good for me for I was on another contract and I needed to change over from a study permit to a work permit to stay longer in Italy. It’s much easier to apply for a work permit when you have a study permit.  Applying for a work permit wasn’t a picnic but I had great contacts (Perugino’s) by the way I started working on my second contract only with a receipt of proof that I had apply for a work permit. After 2years of teaching for 14euros an hour 10euro after taxes and no yearly funds to claim from the monthly taxes I paid “oh yes! You did not know? Italy’s taxes are very high so you pay and pay and pay. It was time for me to move on to see what else was out there for me; by the way I did not have a certificate in TEFL, TOEFL neither was I ever asked for one. I was a native tongue speaker and educated and that was all that was required of me.
I did not leave my English teaching job right away in fact I stay another 2 years but within those two years I knew that if  I was going to have some type of income I respected in Perugia I was going to have to be creative. By this time I had finish my language coarse at the University per Stranieri  I did not have the best grades but I passed and I had euros in my pocket plus lots of Italian friends and a fiancé that would later become my husband but that is another story. I would eventually find my place in the world of tourism and Real estate.  I created a Guidebook  for foreigners about Perugia and created a list of affordable accommodations for students and tourists, and I can also be found on website of the district of Perugia in the tourism section. It's easy to create once you observed your surroundings and know what could be useful in the enviorment you're and what abilities you have to offer.

I did not stop there however I now travel back in fourth from New York to Italy. New York is my hometown and I don’t think I will ever leave it but I will always have a foot in bella Italia.  I teach Italians how to invest in NYC, and work as a consultant for Italians looking to transfer or to do business in America.

I believe everybody’s experience is different and that if you are a positive sincere honest person  great things will naturally take place in your life……I wish you blessing during your stay in Perugia or in Italy….and if I can help you with anything don’t hesitate to email me or stop by for a visit.

By Exodus Nicholas….. A NY perspective

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